Our Services


HWMA has established two main practice areas, business legal consulting and commercial litigation, where each consists of sub-areas of specialization. This concentration of expertise enables us to serve our clients more efficiently and focused - and our clients can be sure they are receiving the best advice, based on the latest legal developments, in every key area of business law by our experienced lawyers. Our lawyers are equipped with in-depth legal knowledge and know-how of every jurisdiction in Indonesia covering the following areas:


Domestic and Foreign Investment
Our legal services cover all corporate matters, such as the establishment, administration or liquidation of a limited liability company (PT), limited liability partnership (CV), unlimited liability partnership, cooperatives, and foundation, including structuring and establishing of domestic and foreign direct investment company in Indonesia (PMA), corporate secretarial services and legal documentation, and ensure the practice of good corporate governance.

We have significant experience representing various foreign investors in connection with legal matters of Indonesian foreign capital investment, which includes advises pertaining laws and regulations of direct foreign capital investment in Indonesia, the procedures of the establishment of joint venture company and all other business and service sectors.

Merger & Acquisition
The firm has acted as counsel in a wide variety of corporate actions, including takeover, merger, acquisition, consolidation and liquidation of company and other related legal entity. We also provide legal services in conducting legal due diligence (legal audit) with regard to such merger, acquisition, consolidation, liquidation, takeover, sales and purchase of company’s shares and or assets, debt restructuring, public offering and others.

Finance and Banking
Our banking lawyers are among the experienced practitioners in regard with off-shore and or on-shore loan facility agreements, security agreements, such as, proxy to grant Hak Tanggungan, Deed of Hak Tanggungan, pledge of shares, personal or corporate guarantee agreement, fiducia agreement, also include handling legal matters in the settlement of non-performing loans, execution of security agreements, as well as loan restructuring.

Capital Market and Securities
In these transactions, we provide value-added counsel to clients in regard with the Indonesian capital market activities, which include preparation of initial public offering (IPO), rights issue and private placement, tender offer, take over, merger and acquisition of public listed company. The firm is registered and part of the Indonesian capital market communities.

Land and Property
We offer comprehensive legal services with respect to land and property matters, which include handling the issuance of land certificate, land releases and land rights conversion.

HWMA has the experience and resources to provide sound advice and vigorous representation to employers, as well as to employees, whether expatriates or local, regarding all aspects of employment law and labor relations, include the drafting of working contract, company regulations, foreign employee working permit, and handling labor dispute at the Manpower Department, and or proceeding at Industrial Relation District Court, and or Supreme Court level.

Intellectual Property Rights, Media and Broadcast:
Our lawyers have extensive experience in developing and implementing legal services in regard with intellectual property rights, which include handling the application and or extension of copy right, patent, trademark registration and as well as its protection effort. We provide and handle legal arrangements in respect to agency, licenses, franchise, distributorship, media buying arrangement, and record contract.

The firm’s antitrust lawyers provide full-service capabilities in all aspects of business competition, from fundamental policies and procedures to the most complex challenges. These legal services includes consultation on anti-monopoly law and unfair business practices, assisting and representing clients during the examination process by the Komisi Pengawasan Persaingan Usaha (KPPU), proceedings at District Court and Supreme Court.

We have helped clients in regards with insurance claims, and also client to run its insurance businesses in Indonesia. Our lawyers in HWMA include skilled lawyers who are well exposed for handling the full spectrum of complex disputes in insurance matters. HWMA has the experience and resources to provide sound advice and vigorous representation to insurance company in the operation of its day-to-day business, to ensure good corporate governance and compliance with the company’s statutory reporting obligation to the Department of Finance.



Our service is mainly to help and advise client to avoid and mitigate litigation risks wherever possible. In the event litigation is unavoidable, we provide services in assessing any legal, business and commercial risks for the interest of the client. We therefore focus on creative settlement approaches and under comprehensive budgetary estimation.

Private Cases: We provide and handle broad range of legal services in areas of civil law litigation cases. We adopt a proactive approach to litigation, as it is time consuming. Our lawyers handle litigation in a budget effective way and establish close communication and high-quality services to clients.  Our services include advising and representing client with respect to dispute settlement, in and out-of-court, in any level of proceedings, such as at the district court, high court and supreme court, state administration court, as well as religious court.

Criminal Cases: We also provide and handle legal services in areas of criminal law, to protect any legal rights that our client may have, as our lawyers has the expertise and knowledge of litigation actions in this jurisdiction. Our services include advising and representing client to pursue or defend against any legal claims or accusations at any level of legal proceedings whether it is at the preliminary police investigation, state attorney investigation, or at the proceedings at the district court, high court and supreme court.

Arbitration Cases: Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients, either as the Claimant or as the Respondent in arbitration proceedings, and settle dispute in the most efficient manner, whether by mediation, adjudication, or expert nomination and determination. We are familiar with arbitration under the rules of the Indonesian National Arbitration Body (BANI), as well as the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), or in any other forum of dispute settlements.